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Things To Do

Eat & Drink


B-Mocha Coffee Shop

Discover one of the newest businesses in Downtown Williamston! They offer delicious coffee and small breakfast snacks to start your day off right.

101 W Main St Unit B

Williamston, NC 27892


Chicken Kitchen

The Chicken Kitchen has been long known for “the best fried chicken around”.  The Chicken Kitchen also serves your favorite breakfast foods, sandwiches, seafood and ice cream.

503 W Main St.
Williamston, NC 27892


Cakes By Becky

A downtown bakery, specializing in custom cakes for any occasion. They also serve bagged lunch!

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118 Harrison St

Williamston, NC 27892


Hook Hand Brewery & Taproom

Are you looking for an experience like no other? Visit Downtown Williamston’s only Brewery/Taproom!

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106 Railroad St

Williamston, NC 27892



Delivery/carryout chain offering a wide range of pizzas & a variety of other dishes & sides.

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139 W Main St,

Williamston, NC 27892


Tea Room on Main

Are you looking for an experience like no other? Visit Downtown Williamston’s only Brewery/Taproom!

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106 Railroad St

Williamston, NC 27892



Bargain Shop

A thrift store downtown

111 Washington St

Williamston, NC 27892


Forget Me Not Florist

If you're in need of a one-stop-shop for all your flower, gift, and Christmas decor needs, Forget Me Not Florist has got you covered.

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141 W Main St

Williamston, NC 27892


Miller's Sports & Trophies

Locally owned and operated for 81 years, Miller’s carries sports equipment, custom-made trophies and plaques, embroidery, screen printing, and much more!

101 Washington St

Williamston, NC 27892


Small Shop On Main

The Small Shop is a small retail in downtown Williamston. They have a wide variety of antiques, home decor, handmade items, jewelry, wreaths, and more.

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145 W Main St

Williamston, NC 27892


Dog Branch Antiques & Auctions

A retail shop featuring vintage and antique items. They also offer a full-time auction service through their website.

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125 W Main St

Williamston, NC 27892


Marco Hi-Fi

Need audio equipment? Marco Hi-Fi has you covered. They are a retail store for stereo and sound equipment, video games, and electronics.

102 Washington St

Williamston, NC 27892


Proctor Shop

The Proctor Variety Shoppe offers a wide range of items, including collectibles, new boutique-style clothing, and jewelry. They have a gift for every occasion!

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119 W Main St

Williamston, NC 27892

Screen Shot 2023-08-29 at

SS Custom Cycle

A motorcycle store downtown? Williamston’s got it! SS Cycle offers parts and accessories, including custom goods.

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152 W Main St

Williamston, NC 27892


Everybody's Record Shop

New record shop downtown! They buy/sell/trade any vinyls, tapes and cds. They also have band apparel from any generation!

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101 West Main Street Unit B
Williamston, NC 27892


Martin County Arts Council: Flat Iron Gift Shop

Located in the historic Flatiron building on Washington St., the MCAC serves as an exhibit space and a gift shop.

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124 Washington St

Williamston, NC 27892


Schewel's Furniture

Founded in 1897, Schewels is a family-owned business that sells furniture and other home accessories.

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119 W Main St

Williamston, NC 27892


Explore Downtown

Moratoc Park

This beautiful .18-acre, county-owned park on the Roanoke River is located in Williamston, North Carolina and features a river overlook, fishing pier and canoe/kayak launch.  This is the site of the original wharf of Williamston, where goods were shipped in and out.


Roanoke River

North Carolina has a rich history, and the Roanoke River has played a significant role in it for centuries. It has been a vital resource since the days when Native Americans inhabited the area and continued to be important during the colonial era when trading goods was prevalent. Even during the Civil War, the river remained significant.  The lush green trees that adorn the Roanoke River's riverbanks make it a breathtakingly beautiful spot that showcases North Carolina's charm. Here are some potential reasons you may want to explore the Roanoke River



Paddling the Roanoke River can be a fun recreational activity, whether you’re looking to take a leisurely float down the river or challenge yourself with more technical paddling on rapids and shoals. There are also opportunities for camping and fishing along the river.


With easy to navigate and rent camping platforms along the Roanoke River, you can easily make a weekend getaway a trip to remember. Camp under the stars and experience the sounds of the Roanoke in recently updated platforms and cabins along the river. Book through Roanoke River Partners website.



The Roanoke River is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including river otters, beavers, turtles, and a variety of fish species. Bird watchers may also enjoy spotting bald eagles, ospreys, and other bird species that call the river home.

Skewarkee Rail Trail

If you’re looking for a great biking and walking trail in Downtown Williamston, look no further than The Skewarkee Trail! This beautiful trail, which used to be a part of the Atlantic Coastline Railway, stretches for 0.93 miles and connects historic Downtown Williamston to the Roanoke River. Once you reach the river, you can access two amazing river parks: Moratoc Park and River Landing. These parks offer various amenities for outdoor enthusiasts, such as a picnic shelter, a 500-foot boardwalk along the river, an NC Wildlife boat launch, and a kayak launch.


But that’s not all - the Town of Williamston has even bigger plans for the Skewarkee Trail! We’re currently working on connecting the existing boardwalk to Moratoc Park, opening up even more outdoor adventure opportunities. The estimated cost for this project is $1,010,000, but the Town has already secured funding from the state and the Recreational Trails Program grant. We received $730,000 from the state in 2022 and $100,000 from the grant in April 2023. And just recently, they were approved for an additional $180,000 for a Rural Transformation grant in June of 2023 to cover the remaining cost of the project


Places To Stay

There are plenty of accommodation options available in Martin County, including hotels, camping platforms, farmstead lodging, and more. To find out more about where to stay, kindly click on the links provided below.

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